Word Processing and Formatting Services

Smart Research Global has been assisting various companies with Word Processing and Formatting Support Services before its inception even began. Our services will help you to enhance the efficiency of your organization.

By assigning the tasks of word processing and document formatting to Smart Research Global, your employees will be relieved of the burden of executing these functions in-house, and instead, can focus on more critical activities.

Our services are customizable to suit the exact specifications of your organization. We have experience in delivering high-quality results within a short span. Know More

Proposal Development Services

We understand what a daunting and time-consuming process RFPs can be and will work diligently on your project. Smart Research Global offers a proposal solution that will ensure your response to a Request for Proposal (RFP) is unlike any other. Our approach is dedicated and detailed oriented with unparalleled focus. We infuse creativity with facts and hard data to tell your company story in a way that makes others want to keep reading to learn more.

Government and Corporate Proposals

We are equally well-versed in both government and corporate proposals, and we have helped clients organize and write proposals for almost every major industry. Know More

Data Management Services

Effective data management is critical for your organization. Precise and accurate data can provide a clear advantage to a company’s decision-making process. Every firm large or small manages transactions every day, each of these transactions either financial, sales or production constitutes a key input into a company’s business story.

At Smart Research Global, we understand that data entry is a crucial part of data management and that it is tedious and time-consuming. Leading corporations have found a key ingredient to overcome this challenge by outsourcing data entry. Know More

Research and Analysis

Our methods are simple, transparent, and focused. Each client works with a dedicated Market Research Lead who understands, defines, and documents the overarching business object. This is our key differentiator. Finding data is easy, finding relevant data is what makes the difference. The experience of our senior researchers in understanding clients needs allows them to formulate the right mix of research analysts for the task.

With more than 50 trained researchers on staff with varying experience levels supported by a globally dispersed team, we have the capacity to research subjects of varying complexity within strict timelines. Know More

Technology Services/IT Services

Captions significantly add to the viewing experience of your videos, enhancing their appeal. They also improve viewership by letting you reach out to people who are learning a new language and to those who are deaf and are hearing impaired.

SRG provides high-quality, time-synchronized captions, customized for your platform and requirement. Be it movies, television shows, web-series, broadcast media, corporate necessities or standalone projects – you name, we’ll deliver it. With SRG, you experience rapid turnaround times and simplified cost-efficient processes. Know More