Our Proposal Development Services include:

Proposal Development Services

We understand what a daunting and time-consuming process RFPs can be and will work diligently on your project. Smart Research Global offers a proposal solution that will ensure your response to a Request for Proposal (RFP) is unlike any other. Our approach is dedicated and detailed oriented with unparalleled focus. We infuse creativity with facts and hard data to tell your company story in a way that keeps evaluator engaged in reading about your company.

Government and Corporate Proposals: We are equally well-versed in both government and corporate proposals, and we have helped clients organize and write proposals for almost every major industry.

1. Capture Management

Capture management is a disciplined approach to qualifying business opportunities and developing a win strategy to improve your probability of winning a strategic opportunity.

2. Proposal Management

Proposal management involves implementing repeatable processes and techniques for team collaboration to improve proposal quality. Managing a proposal involves defining the process, planning the content, and coordinating reviews, as well as assigning staff and coordinating their activity.

We solicit responses, manage bidder communications, review proposals, and assist in vendor selection. Our work keeps your team doing what they do best.

Our Proposal management process includes:

Outline – Based on proposal instructions, you will receive separate outlines for each volume. The document will have a pre-established MS Word style guide compliant with proposal instructions. All documents are fully editable.

Suggested Proposal Schedule – Based on the RFP release date and proposal due date, we recommend a proposal schedule with specific milestones to keep your team on track and produce a good quality proposal. This day-to-day schedule identifies key actions to guide your team through completion. Fully editable, change the schedule based on your resource availability.

Kickoff Package – Includes a set of PowerPoint slides to develop a proposal kickoff package. All slides discussing proposal instructions, evaluation criteria, and statement of work are already filled in. The suggested proposal schedule is included and can be changed to suite your organizations resource availability. The package also includes suggested slides for you to complete such as bid strategy, key personnel, etc. based on the requirements of the RFP. With our proposal kickoff package, you will communicate a strong foundation for a winning proposal.

Production Checklist – Last minute stress typically results in missed production details. Use our tailored production checklist specifically based on RFP instructions. Check off each item to ensure a compliant proposal. Includes a fully editable document to include your own quality check items.

Proposal Editing: Professional editing of proposals prior to submission. Editors review the document for:

  • Appropriate tone and voice for the intended audience
  • Spellings, grammar, and punctuation
  • Content flow (typically problematic with multiple section writers)
  • Sentence fragments, run-on sentences, verb tense, duplicate words
  • First time use of acronyms – spelling out and tagging repeated use of spelled out and defined acronyms
  • Tagging missing table, figures, exhibit titles and action captions
  • Using technical terms correctly and consistently—including do’s, don’ts, and alternatives for usage.

The overall objective is to develop a smooth flow without losing substance. Editorial changes are tracked and only incorporated with writers’ permission. No risk of changing the meaning of a sentence.

3. Proposal Graphics

Do you have a concept or idea that can be turned into a graphic but don’t have time or capability to create attractive proposal graphics? Send us your hand-drawn stick figures, we will return absolutely professional graphics that project the image of a professional company. We apply creative talent but keep compliance in mind. Before creating graphics, we review RFP for font size, file size and other limitations.

4. Proposal Review

Smart Research Global provides proposal review services during the proposal development life cycle. In addition, we offer post-submission proposal reviews. Our work strengthens the competitiveness of complex government and commercial proposals.

At each level, the reviewers should be qualified to assess the proposal at its given stage and provide the necessary assessment and guidance to move the proposal to the next level. Each level of review should be evaluating the presence or absence of win themes and discriminators, compliance with the RFP requirements, and responsiveness to the customer’s needs that produced the RFP in the first place.

Independent Content Review (ICR) – use our experienced evaluators to review your proposal for relevance and compliance. Get an independent assessment and detailed evaluation report from our reviewers grading the proposal content. Reviewers are proficient in Government contracting and proposal evaluations. Reviewers are also technically proficient in the scope of work being reviewed. Reviewers do not just find gaps but also provide recommendations to fix the gaps.

5. Proposal Writing (Technical Writing Support)

Our proposal writers are versed in both technical and persuasive writing techniques because both add value to a competitive response. We provide RFP writing services that give our clients a competitive edge. We work with clients to ensure each proposal requirement is answered in a way that earns the highest score possible and earns them the contract.

6. Proposal Formatting

Using clean templates following pre-established style guides, we:

  • Format documents to be compliant to the proposal instructions in the specific RFP
  • Test cross-referenced sections, tables, and graphics
  • Prepare the file to be completely print-ready
  • Subjective non-compliances that need your decision are listed in a non-compliant items matrix for you to resolve prior to submission.